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How it works


The Sparkly Stable

This is the stable with hay bale seats and fairy lights. Can be used for  relaxing,reading, lunch and to escape from rain or heat. This picture shows us extra sparkly for Christmas.

The Shed contains our session 'disposable' equipment

 We like to offer lots of opportunities for crafting and sensory creative experiences . We keep the shed  locked during sessions but we have many craft, woodworking and campfire items in here.


The Water Trough

In the middle of the field there is a water trough with a tap. Hose is attached at times, is the focus of much fun and games! 

Note: suitable for drinking.

Campfire Circle

The campfire circle of tree stumps are a great gathering point at the beginning of sessions.

We usually have a campfire with marshmallows and 'smores', plus sometimes toasted french bread and jam!


The Big  Mud Kitchen and Gardening Bench

Our taller participants can make big potions here, lots of sensory play with mud and water and we plant seasonal seeds and plants to take home and place around the field.

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Balancing and climbing

Plenty of opportunities to balance, climb and swing on our trapeze!


The Little Kid's Area

There is an enclosed Forest School area equipped with a smaller mud kitchen, water play, picnic bench, sandpit and pre-erected den for under 7’s.

The Garden

The gardening area can be used for digging, planting herbs and watering.


The Reading Den

The reading den has log seating. Boxes of books are available in two groups, under six and over six years old. 

The Bug Hotel

The bug hotel is enjoyed by all. There are lots items sat beside the structure that can be inserted into the different ‘floors’ of the hotel and rearranged as required!


The Sensory Circuit

 The circuit starts with a run around a mown circuit. This is followed by the balance area, including stepping stones and logs. The slack line offers more balancing. Next a tug at the resistance bands to release frustration. After this there is the squeeze through the tunnel area, finishing with a hammock to relax in.

The Hammocks

There are five different  hammocks located around the field plus a swing hammock for the younger children. Perfect  for gentle relax time to listen to our wonderful birds.


The Ponies

Annie and Fudge our very experienced therapy ponies love meeting our visitors.They are available to stroke and fuss when Alex and one of her team are there to lead the session. Young people will be in groups of two - one to each pony.

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