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Surrey Care Trust Wellbeing Mentoring Group's first visit.

A thoroughly enjoyable day spent with a group of young women who enjoyed making bird feeders and grooming and walking the ponies. For most of them this was a first-time experience both with a pony and spending time outdoors and they were all so very brave! It was great to see some noticeably conquering a fear.

We are looking forward to more dates with them over the summer for more s'mores on the campfire!

Surrey Care Trust’s wellbeing mentoring team were able to take their mentees out for a wonderful day at Briar’s field. The young people were able to build their confidence and reduce their anxiety around animals, as well as showing their creativity on other tasks throughout the day. Thank you to Briar’s Field for teaching our mentees new skills and giving them a new opportunity! - Sian Jones, North Surrey Care Manager

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